Monday, May 29, 2017


We have had  10 gallon of lettuce for all our friends and children.
and now the  spinach is coming on too.
This garlic was planted last fall. It growing great/
The peas were planted this spring.

These beans are green bean, yellow beans , red kidney
horticultor beans and lima.  Click on pictures to see better.

 We have 15 plants of broccoli and 15  plants of green pepper plants
      Here are 2 rows of sweet potato plants that I started from 4 sweet potatoes.
                We have 60 tomato plants planted and here is one row of them
              One tomato plant a long time till August and we can enjoy them.


  1. What a great garden Lucy. Mick and I have a couple of buckets of tomatoes and peppers. My son planted a hug garden this year. Way too much to take care of for us. I'm a bucket kind of gal....giggle.

  2. A beautiful garden Dick always does such a beauty! Love to watch it grow some good eating later in the cold months for sure.