Wednesday, February 21, 2018


February is almost gone and I have  some
wonderful news.

My daughter bought me a new Singer Sewing Machine
when my Brother locked up and quit sewing.

I had to lean how to fill the bobbins and sew with it
and Pat my friend came over and we sewed a new ironing
board cover isn't it beautiful.

 Now I had sewed this runner for my son at my retreat
so I got busy and quilted it and  put the button eyes on.

That was a very hard to sew the button on so little
and 4 holes to bring the needle up from the back.

Now click on the pictures and see how nice it turned out.

We have a new president of the Tree City quilters
and  she gave us a envelope with instructions in to make a block
This is the Pennsyvannah  Block I  made from the instructions
We also traded a bag of scraps to work 15 minutes a day on I have not done yet.
Hope to get it done before the next meeting.