Friday, April 7, 2017


If you watch the Young & Restless you must read this book.  It is about his life being born in a
hospital basement and the next day the hospital was  destroyed by bombs. How his family
lost their home to the Natzi and his father had heart attack an died from it.
He came to American and was in many Shakespeare  recitals, movies  Gun Smoke, Titantic  before Y& R
He was  a great in sports , soccer , track and tennis.1958 won German Youth Team championship
in Discus, Javelin, and shot put. In 1973 won the U S National Soccer Championship with   
Los Angeles Maccabees, There are 16 pages  of photographs of his life and career, 

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  1. I just ordered it....thanks! The last 15 years, I've only watch Y&R while passing through the family room. I don't remember exactly, but it was when they killed off Cassie. My DH never misses an episode. We'll both enjoy this book.