Thursday, January 21, 2016

LET IT SNOW January sewing.

This is January Let it Snow  toilet tank runner it took me 5 days to make it.
  Here are more 365 Circles made from scraps I have 24 made so far

I have Women of the Bible all blocks together and you are to put 4 patch blocks on for a border.

I have 24   4 patch blocks made so far and many more to make from scraps too.

I took a class from Mary Lou Nuzum on making strip blocks. I choose to make mine 6 1/2 square.

Here are all the ones I have made so far in January 22 done .

Not all sewing projects are glamorous  some times I do mending.A rip below the pocket.

This suit jacket had a hole in the bottom of the inside pocket..It was a challenge to fix the lining on it.


  1. Hi Sister love all the quilty things you are such a focused lady. glad you got the jacket fixed and the pants. Toilet tank looks great too!

  2. Great runner. You have been really busy.