Thursday, October 15, 2015


Eric, my son, took us to Gasoline Alley in Bath, Ohio and I choose the Cat Fish Sandwich.
This is a unusual place. They have license plates, gas pumps, soap box derby car, bicycles hanging from ceiling, Pictures of   TV and movie Stars ,good year blimp, Gasoline signs .It is very nosy because every one is talking  loud,  and the food is delicious and every table was  taken.   The prices are reasonable. 

 I lifted up the lettuce and tomatoes so you can see how big those fish are. Also look at all the french fries  I  got and  I also got a dish of coleslaw with the dinner. Also a dill pickle. You can have FF or onion rings. They have 57 different kind of sandwiches, soup, salads, pizza, Desserts.

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