Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year. I wish you all good Health and Happiness and keep on stitching.  
  I had a great Thanksgiving, with every one home. I love to cook for my family My daughter had
a Taco Dinner for me  for my birthday.. My favorite meal. I had  a Turkey Dinner for her birthday.
Now I am enjoying making the blocks for Sew Sweet Simplicity. I just downloaded  BOM of It is all about our kitchen; The first block is FLOUR ,Just a little wall hanging for your kitchen. So many new things to stitch and so many things not finished. haha


  1. Cute snowman. My favorite food is also Tacos....Puffy Taco.....and my favorite place is Tio Dan's Puffy Taco photo at the I'm hungry again!

  2. I love your stuff . you are such a busy woman!