Thursday, August 28, 2014


 My son Eric told us he was taking us on a mystery trip, The surprise was Niagara Falls USA.
 We went there on our honey moon in 1953 but only were on the Canada side.
  The boat Maid of Mist. I ask the man how many go on this in a day he said some times 400 and some times 18,000. There were 4 boats running the day we were there.
  On boat heading for Horse shoe Falls. See the rainbow!
  Closer and closer we were getting look at all the birds.
 It was a beautiful day and what a great time we had.
 Cave of the winds at the bottom of the falls, you walk in ankle deep water with special shoes on.
In November they take down the walk way and re build it in May.
  A great view  of American Falls and Luna Island and Horseshoe Falls.
  The water is so calm here.
Now  I met these men at Tropical Manor at Daytona Beach so I just had to sit down and have a chat
with them.

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  1. You definitely have a Good Son!!! Wow....and the Blues Brothers. Can't get much better than that. Glad for you Lucy!