Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vacation in Florida

This is the door to our cottage where we spent the month of February at Tropical Manor at Daytona Beach, Florida.We walked 156 miles on the beach for the month. We only had 2 cold days, one rainy day. In the 75-86 most of the time. We played BINGO  two times a week. Every Tuesday they gave us chocolate chip cookies and on Valentines day they put cup cakes in our refrigerator while we were out walking.

This is our favoirte restruant, cement floor, picnic tables and no sides to the building  all open. They serve the best food. Always busy with customers. It is the food that makes the restruant not the apperance. Boats and Yachts outside.

This is Dick's meal shrimp and fries.

This is my meal fried clams and mashed potatoes.Look at the size of those clams strips. We ate here 5 times. We also got a big garden salad too.

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  1. I would love to go to Florida for a month every year. Lucky you!!