Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden Produce

I've been busy with all the garden produce. I have froze 40 cups of asparagus soup,52 cups of sliced carrots,
28 Cups of Broccoli & Carrots, 40 snack bags of sliced onions, and so far have canned 20 pints of green beans and 25 pints of spiced red beets. Been enjoying cherry tomatoes each day but the real ox heart tomato is going to be ripe this week end. It is the first tomato that was on the plants, I've been keeping and eye on it as it is yellow looking turning orange and will soon be ready for that hamburger sandwich. We have over 50 tomato plants so hope to have a lot to can. Our corn was damaged in the rain storm blew it down clear flat.. My husband tied some of it up to stakes hope it will be okay. We have enjoyed round zucchini squash and yellow crook neck squash. Have a lot of red kidney beans that will soon be ready.

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  1. We have been eating out of the garden for a couple of weeks. I'm not planning on doing any canning this year though. We have had BLT several times, I never get tired of them with garden tomatoes, and we had tacos last night. I made a boiled supper with the green beans, and we plan to make slumgullion sometime this week. So far our corn has stayed up, usually every year it gets blown over like yours.