Wednesday, August 10, 2016


This is the 27 inch cat fish that Clark, my son caught  and he wanted me to hold it so I could put it on 

my blog. It weighed 7 lb. 6 oz.  The first day they caught 2 cat fish and 50 Blue gills.

The second day they caught 1 cat fish and 50 blue gills.The third day they got 20 catfish and the ice chest was full and they could not fish for blue gills.  Click on all the pictures to see these great fish.

They put them on the table to show off.
Here they have them on the deck but they don't  look as big.

They were almost all around 19 & 20 inches long. or  more.

  This is the gar fish Dick caught but not near as big as the one Clark caught but they had a  lot of fun
Took hours to  clean these fish but not long to catch them sometimes 2 at a time.


  1. wow!! what a couple days for them! a lot of fish to eat for sure.
    by the way the hats are awesome on your and your hubby!!

  2. OMGosh Lucy. The fish is bigger than you. What fun you guys had.