Wednesday, December 3, 2014


 Walter Lord interviewed 60  survivors  from the Titanic. He tells all about how no body believed the ship would sink. The water was terrible cold and many swam till they were lifted in to life boats.Some of the people were very rich one lady left over $11,000.00 worth of jewelry on the ship. One man $200,000.00 in stocks and $400,000.00 in bonds. The ship that finally got their signal did not believe they needed help.THIS IS A GREAT BOOK if you are interested in the TITANIC.. This has the list of passengers. Real names of the persons and their experience of what they lived through. I also read THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME  the names were changed in that book Hazel Gaynor wrote the book it is great too how a lady never told her story till her Great Grand daughter wanted to write about it for college credit.

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