Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PeLee Island, Canada Vacation

This is the cottage we stayed in for a week. We went swimming every day. Walked to Fish Point picked up Beach glass, pottery,  ship wreck coal and Dick found 83 Lucky Stones. We also went to the Light House.   Also saw 16 snakes  but they are tame and not dangerous.They come out from under stones and crawl around. Saw 20,000 phesants on the farm also many wild turkeys on every road. So much to see and do there. Took the ferry from Sundusky, Ohio.Taking 2 hours and hitting 8 ft. waves going over.  My son Clark and Donna
gave me a craft necklace made on  PeLee Island as soon as I got off the ferry as a welcome.

These are the rocks in front of the deck to protect the cottage from the waves from Lake Erie  when there are storms.

This is the sunrise at 700am each morning.